Looking For Our Walk-In Address​

Looking For Our Walk-In Address​​

LFG Accounting is almost a complete digital tax and accounting firm and nearly all of our professionals are based in Miramar and in the South Florida Area.

While we would love to meet in person with every client, due to the high number of clients and the time constraints, it is generally not very practical. As a firm of the future, we only maintain a brick-and-mortar store part-time and have instead invested heavily into the secure cloud technology and online presence. We post a wealth of information for our clients and visitors on our website: www.lfgaccounting.com, and we have a secure Online Client Portal for two-way data exchange with our clients.


The tax and accounting services industry is trending towards increased use of technology and is transitioning to the cloud. It will take some time for everyone to catch up, maybe 5 or even 10 more years. And, yes, many small accounting and tax practices are still conducting business the same way it’s been done back in the days – asking clients to take time out of their busy schedule and bring all of their tax papers in person. But, it’s not the 20th century anymore! The technology is here and we are using it today. We work with our clients remotely and paperless.

At LFG Accounting, we are a firm of the future, and we have arrived there a little sooner than our non-digital competitors!