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QuickBooks Services in Miramar, FL and South Florida

Not only does running a business take incredible time and effort, but maintaining every single record for taxes can make the job even harder. LFG Accounting is here to help. Our team of professionals knows what it takes to get your accounting tasks under control. We can present various services and solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Intuit QuickBooks has quickly become the preferred accounting software for accountants and small business. This software has everything an accountant needs to manage your business’s data. From its user-friendly interface to the software program’s ability to automate accounting and bookkeeping tasks, Intuit’s QuickBooks has become the new go-to.

An Overview of Our QuickBooks Accounting Services

Setting Up QuickBooks

If you still haven’t chosen a software version of QuickBooks Online, our team at LFG Accounting can assess your bookkeeping and accounting needs to determine which version of QuickBooks Online would be the most efficient for your business. Once we set up your QuickBooks Online software, we can decide which accounts to import, create templates, map accounts, and more. In the end, it is crucial to properly set up your QuickBooks Online as it ensures you will get the most out of the software.

When you sign on as our business client, we’ll ensure you get the correct version of QuickBooks and that it’s appropriately configured. We’ll perform the initial setup, including mapping accounts and creating templates for professional-looking invoices so you can get paid more quickly. With QuickBooks tracking your financials throughout the year, you won’t spend hours organizing paperwork and receipts at tax time. Instead, we’ll use the information QuickBooks supplies to prepare and file your taxes with minimal input from you.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services Include:

  • Book of accounts updates
  • Maintaining ledgers
  • Closing accounts
  • Trial balance preparation
  • Completing bank reconciliation statements
  • Composing profit and loss statements, statements of cash flows, and balance sheet

QuickBooks Accounts Payable And Accounts Receivable:​

  • Maintaining and updating miscellaneous expenses
  • Accounting for expenses
  • Processing letters of credits
  • Maintaining cash disbursement records

To learn more about how QuickBooks can transform the way you run your business, Call us today at 954.451.1182  or schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your QuickBooks Services need an experienced Miramar, FL  and South Florida tax and accounting firm.