Maximizing the power of your accounting system

Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping in Miramar, FL and South Florida

When your accounting system is efficient and well-maintained, it is a recipe for a successful business because it provides accurate, real-time information that helps you smart and informed business decisions.

We believe a successful business needs a dedicated financial team to continue running efficiently. LFG Accounting Services offers everything from simple bookkeeping to complete accounting management. Our  team of finance and tax professionals provide experienced business services  in Miramar, FL, and across the United States

Optimize Your Small Business Operation

Keeping your company’s general ledger clean and accessible is key to running an active finance department and a successful business. It will  help you the business owner make informed decisions which lead to long term business growth.

How We Help You Business:​

Reconcile Bank Statements – Protect your cash flow and keep more of your capital for investments. Our team identifies lost checks, detects and prevents excess payments, and manages your money correctly. Having our South Florida tax and accounting experts triple-check your banking and accounting statements ensures accuracy and helps your business run smoothly.

Track Income and Spending – Are your books a mess? LFG Accounting has experience in helping business owners prioritize their bookkeeping processes to ensure you track all financial actions taken under your enterprise at all times.

Generate Reports and Conduct Analysis – Accurate representations of your business using income statements and balance sheets gives you a complete overview of your company on paper. Knowing the status of its financial health helps you make important decisions to grow your business.

Business Consultation – Are you operating under the right entity? Do you know if you have received all available tax deductions as a business owner? LFG Accounting is your partner in financial management. Ask us any questions related to your business and we work diligently to provide you with an accurate, comprehensive solution.

Our goal as financial professionals is to help businesses maintain accurate documentation of their income and expenses. Our team generates comprehensive documents detailing activities on paper and making it easy for them to monitor its development. We give you the tools you need to accurately record revenue growth as well as manage your company’s spending. Receive an accurate representation of your business whenever and wherever you need it most.

Call us today at 954.451.1182 or schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your small business accounting & bookkeeping  with an experienced in Miramar, FL  and South Florida tax and accounting firm.