Tax Preparation

Onboarding and Engagement Process

Thank For Choosing LFG Accounting To Prepare Your Tax Return

LFG Accounting is a digital tax and accounting firm. We have built a process that allows us to provide our services to clients nationwide, remotely, and online via secure cloud technology solutions. Almost all of our processes are paperless via electronic format. 

For the most part, LFG Accounting provides a free initial 30 to 45-minutes phone consultation to every new tax and accounting client.  We will listen to the prospective client’s needs and situation during the call. Once we understand, we advise and provide a quote for the services.

If you have NOT yet scheduled an initial call with us, please navigate to the GET IN TOUCH page and submit a request for a free initial consultation call. Please include details about the services you are looking for in the request.

If you already had a call with us and we’ve provided you a quote for your tax preparation work, please proceed with the steps for a typical tax engagement below:


Impactful things are in motion from the moment you schedule your FREE consultation with us. As a new client, please complete our online NEW CLIENT ONBOARDING FORM.


Each year, for each engagement and each client, LFG Accounting sends out an electronic Engagement Letter to clients to review and e-sign via Adobe Sign, per information provided in the New Client Interview Form.

NEW CLIENTS typically receive the Engagement Letter within 3 to 5 business days after submitting the New Client Onboarding Form.

RETURNING CLIENTS typically receive the new tax year engagement letter by January 20th, after the year-end.



If you are a new client, after you sign the first Engagement Letter, you will receive an automated invitation to create a login to the LFG Accounting Online Client Portal, which can be accessed via our website.



LFG Accounting provides a comprehensive ONLINE Tax Organizer for our clients to fill out and instructions to upload applicable tax documents to the Client Portal. If you are unsure which tax organizer you need to complete, please refer to your Engagement Letter or contact us at

• Tax Form 1040 – Individual Tax Clients – please complete the online Individual Tax Organizer
• Tax Form 1065 – Partnership Tax Business Clients – please complete the online Partnership Tax Organizer
• Tax Form 1120 – Corporation Tax Business Clients – please complete the online Corporation Tax Organizer

When to submit tax organizers and upload tax documentation to LFG the Accounting Client Portal.

IRS generally begins processing tax returns at the end of January each year. We advise our tax clients to complete the tax organizers and upload tax documents for us early in the tax season. The sooner we prepare and file your tax return, the sooner you can get a refund if one is due. Additionally, with the proliferation of identity theft and fraudulent tax returns, it is a good practice to file tax returns as early in the season as possible because the IRS will generally only accept the first e-filed tax return, whether fraudulently filed by identity thieves or a real one filed on your behalf.

For Individual Tax Returns: please submit tax organizers and upload tax documentation as early as January 20 and no later than March 31.

For Partnership and Corporation Tax Returns: please submit tax organizers and upload tax documentation as early as January 20 and no later than February 28.

PLEASE NOTE – at the beginning of February, and as needed, LFG Accounting will file “zero-tax-due” Tax Return Extensions for all onboarded tax clients. If any tax clients submit their tax information to us late, we do this as a precaution. Any tax returns with tax information presented after the dates outlined above will be pushed out and completed after the April 15 tax deadline. Taxpayers may be subject to a penalty on unpaid taxes due and interest related to late filings.

Even with a tax return extension, taxpayers who owe taxes must pay them by the original tax return deadline or risk incurring late tax payment penalties and interest. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you know your tax information will be late and you will owe taxes to the IRS and State DOR. We will then prepare a custom Tax Return Extension voucher for you to mail your tax payments to the IRS and/or State DOR.



Once we receive your completed tax organizer and all applicable tax documents are uploaded to your folder in the client portal, your tax return file is added to our tax return preparation queue to wait for its turn.

PLEASE NOTE: that the wait time between the date you submit your tax return organizer and tax documentation and when we first review your tax file can be as long as two weeks, significantly closer to the tax deadline. Therefore, we recommend you answer all of the questions in the tax organizer and upload all applicable tax documentation the first time and as early in the process as possible.

Once we process your tax file and prepare your tax return, and it is ready for your review and signature, we will email you an electronic invoice. Please pay the invoice online at your earliest convenience.



Once we receive your payment on the invoice, we schedule quick meeting to review your tax review and finished your tax return, ask any questions, and e-sign.



If applicable, LFG Accounting will e-file your tax returns with the IRS and State DOR.

PLEASE NOTE: In some cases, there may be a need to file local tax forms (City and/or County). We will prepare those forms but may not be able to e-file them on your behalf since most municipalities do not participate in the e-file program. In those cases, we will provide instructions and completed forms for you to either mail or file and pay directly online.



Once the IRS and the State accept your e-filed tax returns, we will prepare and upload for you to the Client Portal the Final Client Copy of your return, E-File confirmation Letter, and any other applicable forms that require additional action (ex., signing, mailing, etc.). Lastly, we will be sure to email you specific instructions for which files were uploaded to the portal for you and what to do with each file.

At that point, our tax engagement with you is complete. Thank you for your business, and we look forward to working with you again soon.

FYI: Also, here are a few links from our website that you may find useful later in the process: LFG Accounting Client Portal and Client Information Forms

If, at any point during this process, you have any questions, please email us at