Employee Benefits

Attract, Retain and Protect your most value assets - your employees

Employees Benefits in Miramar, FL and South Florida

Employee benefits are a crucial component of every business because employees consistently seek more from their benefits packages. We are going to design an employee benefits package that makes sense for your employee and your company.

We take the time to understand your business and industry by bringing bold thinking and industry expertise to help you stay on top of regulations and economic trends and focus on your priority – recruiting and retaining the best employees. They work as your benefits advocate to keep your organization vital over the long-term.

Group Health Insurance & Benefits

Group Health Insurance helps attract and retain some of the best candidates for the job. Your employees will be more productive knowing that they and their families are protected. 

When you hire us to let you choose the proper benefit for your employees, you get the following:

  • Peace of Mind –  We help remove the worry of selecting the right plan for your business. We’ll do all the legwork for you.
  • Time Savings – We take time to research and compare multiple employee plans; you can spend those extra hours running your business.
  • Happy Employees and Staff – Offering the best possible employee benefits package makes for happier employees.

If you already have group health insurance and are not happy with the service you need, we will reevaluate it to make sure you get most out of it.

Custom Insurance Plans Including:

  • Life
  • Health
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term disability

Retirement Solutions

Did you know retirement is the second most sought-after employer benefit following health? Retirement plans offer your employees more significant tax savings, higher employee retention, and a brighter future.

By reimagining the workplace retirement offering from the ground up, we can bring you and your employees a more effortless, more efficient, and all-around better plan experience delivered at a fraction of the cost of many other providers.

Why Us?

  • Easy Plan Onboarding and Administration
  • Transparent Costs 
  • Modern Technology
  • Flexible Design and Investments

As your trusted advisor, our team professionals will help you put in place the right employee benefits to help attract and retain your employees. Call us today at 954.451.1182 or schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your Employee benefits needs with an experienced firm in Miramar, FL, and South Florida.